Wheaton, IL:

“Jeff Rovik from Video Creations continues to exceed my expectations!

I first hired him to transfer audio from an old cassette tape. He not only transferred the tracks I wanted, he improved the sound quality and added an amazing cover image for my new CDs—all in a very quick time-frame! Jeff also transferred the video from my wedding day onto a DVD that will help my husband and I share our special day for years to come.

Jeff does high quality work at a great price. Additionally, he is friendly, compassionate, and takes special care to protect your original tapes. I highly recommend him for any video or audio project you may be considering.”

Lombard, IL:

“Video Creations is wonderful! The owner, Jeff, is very professional and knowledgeable about audio editing. I had an old cassette tape (of an LP record) that he cleaned up for me and made CDs of, which turned out with great sound quality, and included a nice photo montage CD cover. Video Creations is very professional with competitive pricing, and I can tell the owner really loves what he does. I highly recommend Video Creations for any event or occasion. This is a company you can trust to get great quality results”

Maggie and Ciaran
Chicago, IL:

“We had a very positive experience with Jeff and the team at Video Creations, and they really helped create a fantastic video that we were able to show to all our friends and family. The team that Jeff brought along on the day was absolutely superb. It was almost as if we couldn’t see them, yet the footage that they were able to garner of our friends and family, and of the people who were just there, are moments that we really treasure going forward. One of the people who wasn’t at our wedding was my grandmother, and to be able to bring home (to Ireland) a DVD of our wedding to help her feel part of it, was really, really special for us. We’re very thankful for Jeff and the team at Video Creations for what they’ve done for us, and we will have lasting memories of our wedding day for the rest of our lives. Thank you Jeff…, thank you Video Creations, and we look forward to seeing you soon!!


Megan and Josh
Wheaton, IL:

“Hi Jeff,
WE LOVED IT! It was so wonderful to relive that day. My parents loved it as well. There were so many details and emotions captured in the video.  Josh’s parents also loved it! It’s perfect! Can we order two more DVDs? I am going to mail one to my maid of honor. I appreciate all the great and hard work. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends! 🙂 Thanks again!

Megan and Josh”

Sugar Grove, IL:


Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on the memorial service video. We just watch it yesterday and could not believe all the special effects you did, from the case for the DVD right through the entire video. You certainly keyed into our family and helped express our love for our Papa in the video coordination. Thank you for helping us honor him in a way his memory will last forever. We will always have the DVD. Thank You!.


Wheaton, IL:

“Dear Mr Rovik,

Thank you so much for the graduation slide show you put together. I know how much work that takes and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you putting in that time and effort. I feel lucky to have such a great memory keepsake of my childhood and pre-college years! It was great to have for the party as well! Thanks again!!


Kim 50th Anniversary DVD
Racine, WI:

“Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for doing the DVD!!! It was amazing! Everyone loved it and the DVD was the highlight of the party. Everything was just perfect! Thank you!


“Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for making us additional copies of our 50th wedding anniversary DVD. We loved our copy and wanted to share it with our loved ones. They will be enjoyed by our sister and brothers. Such a wonderful memory you gave us. Warmest blessings.

Sincerely, Susan”

Anne and Bill 10th Anniversary
Lake Zurich, IL:


I LOVE the DVD! You did a great job. I watched it twice tonight, once with the kids and we were all singing and laughing. I can’t wait to give it to Bill.


Anne and Bill 10th Anniversary (cont):

“Hi Jeff…,  I wanted to let you know that Bill really loved the DVD!! I gave it to him in Napa and we watched it twice and had so much fun reliving some of our favorite memories. We watched it again last night with the kids. You did a great job pulling it all together. Bill is very excited to get going on his IronMan project, so will touch base with you again very soon.


Jessica High School Graduation
Wheaton, IL:

“Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for creating my graduation slideshow! I was so excited to watch it, and loved how it turned out! I appreciate everything you did, we received many many compliments on it. Thanks again!