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“Be there with your loved ones”

Why Video Creations?

Video Creations understands that it’s nearly impossible for everyone whom you would like to attend, or needs to attend, actually be there at your loved one’s funeral. Therefore, it is our goal to make your family and friends who cannot attend, feel like they are actually there in person.

Video Creations achieves this with the use of multiple manned cameras, allowing us to “follow the action” (testimonials, musicians, soloists, officiant, special presentations, military honors, bugler, flag folders/presenters, etc.), which in most cases allows the viewer to see and hear even more than if they were actually there in person.

We also capture crystal clear audio of the entire service, making it much more enjoyable for the viewer/listener. Again this includes all the speakers, officiant, presenters, and musicians.

As you preview the on-line memorial service sample, please notice the various aspects of our recording techniques that differentiate us above other funeral service video providers, such as the use of multiple cameras views, crystal clear audio, close-up views, pans and zooms of presenters and attendees, balcony views, unobstructive views (i.e. cameras are never obstructed by attendees standing, etc.), views of soloists (and/or musicians), pre and post service coverage, custom title slides and closing slides with information about your loved one including details of the service, etc.

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Thanks for your patience and understanding!