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  1. Hi,

    Our mom’s memorial service is thos Sunday . We are very interested in your video recording service.


  2. Looking to transfer Sony home videos from tape to dvd and/or jump drive. Just wondering what you charge for this service.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Jeff. I left you a voice message regarding the project you were supposed to do for me and finish by end of October. As of yet I have not received anything from you. We are going on 3 months and I find that to be concerning. At this point you still have my videos and cassettes. Please respond to me asap so I know what has held this up and what to do moving forward. 815.378.0726

    Thanks so much. Lori Mestas

  4. Looking for a memorial video for a married couple who died 2 weeks apart. Please contact me and give quote on 80 picture/video

  5. Looking for someone to record my mother’s funeral on Saturday 24th February 2018. I understand it short notice but it for my family in canada

  6. Hello Jeff,
    After several years of putting it off, my wife and I have put 18 slide
    carousels in order to have them transferred to CD….Do you still do

  7. Hi, Jeff. I’m interested in a short run of DVD duplication. My wife referred me to you as the person who duplicated her mom’s funeral video a couple years ago. I have a private concert that was recorded direct to DVD that I would like duplicated for myself and the other musicians. No label printing needed, just duplication. Probably 10 or fewer copies. Let me know your rate, thanks.

  8. Hi there- sorry to bug you, but I’m a memorial and funeral videographer in Seattle ( – thank you doing what you do! I LOVE what I do and would love to be able to serve more customers with memorial videography serviecs. I’m wondering if you can take a moment to tell me, how do you get your business? I’ve been marketing and marketing but can’t seem to find out how to “break into” the market here in Seattle. I’d be so very grateful for any wisdom you can lend me, since we’re not in competing markets? Thank you so much!

  9. My friend and I video weddings and commercials and are thinking about offering to video funerals. Do you get a lot of demand to video funerals?.. We are curious as to know if there is a market for this type of service.. we are located in Alabama.. any advice would be appreciated.. Thank yoy

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